Brackeys 2021.2 Game Jam Submission:

(for some reason the fullscreen crops it)

We took the chaotic game Whac-a-mole and put an original spin on its gameplay, simultaneously making it even more chaotic than it was. 

We take advantage of the satisfying feeling of spamming your keyboard to reinvent whac-a-mole from what would’ve been a tedious point-and-click mess to an immersive arcade game.

You play a farmer, fed up with moles swarming around their potato farm. Take this hammer, made by some ambiguous material, to try and shoo away the moles that JUST. KEEP. COMING.

Your keyboard (unfortunately, you need a standard QWERTY arrangement for this game to be intuitive)

Game by: NotLivingPool, Kintama54, Jickamangah
Programming: NotLivingPool
Music: JuliusC
UI: Kintama54
Characters: Jickamangah
Background: eeaann9044
Sounds: Jickamangah


One Hit: requires one hit (1 point)
Three Hit: requires three hits (1 point each)
Helmet: requires one hit when helmet is off (3 points, hitting helmet breaks combo)
Bomb: don't hit (-1 health, hitting breaks combo)
Life: heals 3 to 4 health (0 points)
If you miss, you lose a health and break combo.
Add 0.2 x combo to points.

Added brief instructions within the game.
Fixed aspect ratio for WebGL.
Fixed visual bug of '8 9 0' into '7 8 9'

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